​​​​Alper's recent activity

Mar 2024 Media commentary - Daily Mail: Britain's biggest student debts: How single graduate racked up a £230,000 bill... but will the loans ever actually be repaid?

Mar 2024 Working Paper - European Central Bank: The impact of regulatory changes on rating behaviour 

Mar 2024 Media article: Buying your first home? Here’s how to increase your chances of getting a mortgage 

Mar 2024 Media commentary - Daily Mail: Do Virgin Money and Tesco Bank deals signal end of the road for the original challenger banks?

Mar 2024 Research report: The Financial Impact Pet Ownership Rental Properties, Battersea

Mar 2024 Media article: Budget 2024: experts explain what it means for taxpayers, businesses, borrowers and the NHS

Feb 2024 Media article: UK banks are reporting huge profits – but there are many reasons why this may not last

Jan 2024 Media article: Mortgage rates are falling but borrowers are still feeling the squeeze – a finance expert explains how to cut your repayments

Dec 2023 Media commentary - Euronews: The 13th month: Where in Europe do employers give Christmas bonuses?

Nov 2023 Media commentary - Financial Times:Does Metro Bank signal wider issues in the challenger bank model?​​​​​

Oct 2023 Media article: Bank CEOs set the tone from the top when it comes to risky behaviour

Oct 2023 Academic paper: CEO Risk-Culture, Bank Stability and the Case of the Silicon Valley Bank

Sept 2023 Working paper: Does being a responsible bank pay off? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

Sept 2023 Media article: Bankruptcy is spiking among UK borrowers – but there are debt relief options if you are struggling financially

Sept 2023 Academic paper: Consumer bankruptcy: Decision, choice and access to credit afterwards